ALHK-01-Zenit automated CO2 laser surgical system

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The system is designed to treat various gynecologic pathologies
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A full scale computerized support during surgical interventions to improve accuracy and efficiency of laser interventions in biological tissues and reduce the likelihood of mistakes due to human factor. ALHK-01-Zenit is favorably distinguished from its foreign counterparts by a 2.0 to 2.5-times larger imaging field of surgical beam in the operative field and by arbitrary scanning patterns within such field to allow for areal uniform vaporization of tissues inside an arbitrary contour.
The power output of CO2 laser surgical system is controlled, W:
– in continuous mode from 0.1 to 30
– in repetitively-pulsed mode from 1 to 25
– in superpulsed mode from 0.5 to 15
Beam spot size, µm:
– in the focus of surgical headpiece max. 200
– in the focus of laparoscope headpiece 250 to 300
– in the focus of colposcope headpiece 300 to 500
Imaging field size in operative field, mm2 15х15
Scanning patterns arbitrarily configured
Beam delivery unit of operative field mirror-lens
Seven-knee manipulator with transmission coefficient of at least 0.85
Main beam guidance system based on diode laser with wavelength λ=0.635 to 0.650 µm and controlled beam output power of 0 to 5 mW
Maximum capacity of smoke removal and filtration system, dm3 /s 30
Number of filtration levels of biological tissue vaporization products 3
Axes, deg 1 to 180 (with 1°steps)
Cornea diameter, mm 2.0 to 14.0 (with 0.1 mm steps)
Working distance, mm 300
Magnification, X 7.5; 15; 30
Field of view diameter, mm 49; 24; 12
Interpupillary distance adjustment, mm 58~75
Diopter adjustment, D -7 to +7
Illumination source LED
Maximum luminance (adjustable), lux, at least 10000
Illuminated field diameter, mm, at least 70
CMOS Array Type and Size 1 /2.5
Max. Resolution 2592х1944
Connection USB 2.0
Power Supply, mA, max. 500
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