LS-02 “Zenit”

Article: 393
The multifunctional compact YAG laser system with LS-01-Zenit slit lamp is easy in use, efficient and safe. It meets all requirements of laser ophthalmic surgery for disruptive interventions, thus providing gentle and bloodless treatment of intraocular diseases in clinics
€41 875.63


  • Laser type: Nd YAG laser, solid-state, pulse
  • Laser beam delivery system: coaxial with LS-01-Zenit slit lamp
  • Single pulse and double pulse mode
  • Pilot beam brightness adjustment
  • Specialist protection filter
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Aiming beam: diode, 635 nm, max. 1 MW
  • Pulse emission duration: 5-8 ns
  • Pulse interval: 100-6000 msec